Hello and welcome to Philadelphia Heights, the blog by Gabriel Gottlieb of The Condo Shop, that is all about Philadelphia neighborhoods, development, urban planning, and real estate!  The writer is me, Gabriel Gottlieb, real estate salesperson at The Condo Shop at Riverwest Condos at 21st & Chestnut Streets in Center City, Philadelphia.  I have an extraordinary interest in the neighborhoods and development in central Philadelphia, as well as, the real estate market and urban planning in the Philadelphia area.  I regularly explore the neighborhoods in and around downtown, and sometimes beyond, and constantly keep up on information about development, real estate, and planning and I want to share that information and the experience of my urban exploring with you!  So, come along and let’s explore the neighborhoods, the changes, the ins and outs, and the heights of this great city, Philadelphia!! 

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Gabriel C. Gottlieb

8 Responses to About

  1. Anthony Seaman says:

    I enjoyed the latest updates, particularly about the newly proposed center. Thanks.

  2. Ajay says:

    Great blog! After PhillySkyline and Brownstoner shut down, I think you’re the best in town. Keep up the great work!

  3. Adam Zakeski says:

    How do I get in touch with you about getting permision to use one of your photos in our companies annual report?

  4. Fabian Brown says:

    Great blog on the up and coming on Canal Street!!! Informational backed up with great imagery to put the whole piece together. Well Done!

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