Big new Temple dorm being built on North Broad Street

If you’ve been along North Broad Street lately, or even looked up North Broad from City Hall, you’ve likely noticed a tall new highrise being built on Temple University‘s main campus.  This highrise is only part of a large new dormitory complex called Morgan Hall, named after real estate magnate and Temple alumnus Mitchell Morgan and his wife, Hilarie.  Morgan Hall will be a huge new addition to Temple’s main campus and to North Philadelphia, replacing a parking lot and small office building on North Broad, between Cecil B. Moore Avenue and Oxford Street, across the street from Avenue North.

Morgan Hall is being built by Temple as part of their Temple 20/20 expansion plan and was designed by MGA Partners.  The highrise portion of the complex will be 27 storeys.  An additional ten storey dorm is being built to the south, extending to Oxford Street.  These two dorms will have at least 1,200 beds in 4-person suites and 20 singles.  There will, also, be dining facilities and new retail dining space in a separate building on North Broad Street and a courtyard in the middle of the complex.  The complex is costing $174 million to build and will be a total of 736,000 square feet.  There will, also, be student lounges on multiple floors of the building.

This new development will be transformational for the area.  It will bring significant new retail to North Philadelphia that complements several new and planned developments that include retail, such as Avenue North and Progress Plaza, both adjacent to Morgan Hall.  It will have the tallest building in North Philadelphia (and it isn’t a housing project) and the look of the tower will almost resemble a Center City condo tower with all its shining glass.  If you are interested in buying or selling a home or investment property in this rapidly improving section of North Philadelphia, you can contact me at or check out my Facebook page, Gabriel G. Philly Realtor, or my twitter page, @GabrielGPhilaRE.  Also, you can check out my Long & Foster agent portal, here, and our Long & Foster Philly Center City office, here.  And, if you want to find out more about Morgan Hall and Temple 20/20, you can click on this link and check out my photos below that I took on two separate days recently.

Rendering of the Morgan Hall complex

Sign announcing Morgan Hall complex

Morgan Hall highrise tower, from the east

Upclose view of Morgan Hall tower

Morgan Hall upclose, with new glass being added

Morgan Hall tower, from the north, with new glass

Morgan Hall retail and dining building on Broad Street

Morgan Hall as seen from Broad Street

Entrance to the future courtyard and the midrise building on Oxford Street

Full view of the entire complex

Morgan Hall and Avenue North across Broad Street

Avenue North, across Broad Street from Morgan Hall

Looking down Broad Street from Morgan Hall

Morgan Hall, with Progress Plaza to the south and Avenue North across the street


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I am a real estate agent at Long & Foster Real Estate Center City and someone who likes to write about development and urban planning in the City of Philadelphia. Contact me at if you are interested in buying or selling a home or investment property in Philadelphia.
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