Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building

Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building

The pictures above and below are of the Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building, currently being built on the Drexel University campus in University City.  This building, which has been under construction for some time now and, of course, is named for the late Drexel president Constantine Papadakis, will be a brand new high-tech research and academic building in the middle of Drexel’s campus, at 33rd & Chestnut Streets.  It will include interesting new features, including one element in the lobby that will be a first for an academic building in the US.

The PISB will focus on life sciences and environmental research and education.  It was designed by the architectural firm Diamond and Schmitt, who have designed it to be Drexel’s first LEED Silver building, according to the U.S. Green Building Council.  It will be five storeys and 130,000 square feet and will house 39 research and teaching laboratories for bio-medical engineering, biology, and chemistry, as well as, a fossil preparation lab.

The most interesting feature, though, will likely be the four-storey Bio wall in the lobby, the first such Bio wall at an American university.  The Bio wall will have plants running up the wall, which will filter the air of carbon dioxide and regulate humidity.  It will be studied by environmental, civil engineering, and biology students to observe and record its effect on the interior atmosphere and health.  Since it is in the lobby, it will also be open to the public to observe.

Another nice feature of the building, which fortunately is becoming a common feature for new Drexel buildings, is that it will have a small cafe on the corner of 33rd & Chestnut.  This will help enliven a previously dull corner, much like the cafe at the Drexel library at 33rd & Market Streets and the new restaurant at the rec center at 34th & Market Streets. 

I’ve been observing the construction for a while and have some recent pictures above and below and a cool video tour here from Drexel’s webiste.  The building is supposed to be done within the next six months and will be an incredible addition to University City! 🙂

Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building

Bio wall in the lobby

The corner of 33rd & Chestnut Streets

Chestnut Street side

33rd Street side

East side

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